Welcome to the Shuri Ryu Karate Academy Website!

We train in traditional Okinawan Martial Arts, including self-defense, traditional punches, kicks, and blocks, jujitsu, pressure points, and kobudo.  We also incorporate respect for oneself, respect for others, and self-discipline into our training.

Classes are available to children as young as 4, through adults. We are priced affordably, at $25/month for children and adults, and offer 50% discounts for additional family members.  We offer a range of classes, from family classes to separate child and adult classes, as well as separate skill level classes (under 6, basic, intermediate, advance).  We do not have contracts, membership is on a month to month basis.

Classes are taught by the black belt Sensei, with adult brown/black belt students as assistants and occasional substitute teachers.  You or your child will never be trained by a child or teenager, or by a student under brown belt level.

We are located 3 miles West of the Whitley/Allen Co. Line. 

Please contact us to schedule a tour and watch one of the classes in session.

Kraig Schlosser, Sensei/Owner

Phone: (260) 433-3875

Email: kschlosser@embarqmail.com